With a general overview of medical assistants and learning their duties and responsibilities as part of medical teams, it becomes clear why they are in demand. Without medical assistants, hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices would not be able to operate effectively.

Becoming a medical assistant(interlink-How To Become A Medical Assistant Page) is straightforward path, but like any other field of study, it needs a lot of dedication. Furthermore, you also need a considerable amount of preparation and certification before getting a job in this field.

Choosing the right path of education and certification for this field is necessary. If you get certified from the right sources, then you will have higher chances of snatching a high pay scale job with promotional aspects.

Learn everything about medical assistant programs and training. Find out about the different certifications available. Armed with this information, you will be able to feel confident when selecting medical assistant education and training path best suited to you.

Medical Assistant Certification

One of the most critical aspects of medical assistant education is getting certified by an affiliated institution. Two bodies overlook the certification course for medical assistants within the United States.

These bodies are the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs(CAAHEP) and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools(ABHES).

If you can get your certificate from institutions affiliated with these bodies, you can quickly pursue an associate’s degree or a diploma course.

Medical Assistant Certification Programs

Different employers might need another form of certification as their hiring criteria. We have listed all the available options that might help you to get selected under a wide range of employers in different states:

-The RMA or Registered medical assistant certification
-The CCMA or Certified clinical medical assistant certification
-The CMAA or Certified medical administrative assistant certification
-The CMA or Certified medical assistant’ exam/certification
-The NCMA or National certified medical assistant certification

These certifications range from state level to national level and vary in the subjects which they cover. You can prepare for each of them by studying under various types of programs that fit your educational requirements. Remember certification can have an effect on medical assistant employment and salaries (Interlink-Medical Assistant Salary And Career Outlook Page).

Medical Assistant Programs

There are two major medical assistant programs that you can pursue. The first one is called the Diploma program. This is one of the most popular programs undertaken for this field.

The reason for its popularity is the short span of the course and its systematic learning. It provides you with all the essential knowledge needed to fulfill your daily work as a medical assistant.

It sheds off the extra useless subjects such as liberal arts, decreasing the time and keeping everything concise.

The subjects taught within this course range from administration, medical law, human anatomy to understanding lab tests, giving injections, and more.

This course can make you proficient in almost all of the work done by a medical assistant. You will need a little bit of on the job training after completing this course to get the proper exposure.

If you want to study all of the different subjects properly and in-depth, your best option is to choose the Associate’s degree program.

The Associate’s degree program provides in-depth knowledge about many advanced subjects that a medical assistant might encounter. Some of those subjects are listed below:

-Human biology
-Blood sample collection
-Specimen handling
-Understanding different diseases
-Operating medial software and updating medical records
-Social science and humanities

The credits that you earn upon completing this program are carried forward in further studies. Therefore it will come in handy even if you change fields and pursue your masters in other subjects.

There are a lot of schools and colleges that provide teaching and guidance for these programs. More about the institutions are discussed below.

Medical Assistant Schools

There are a lot of institutions throughout the United States that teach students for medical assistant programs. Some well-known schools/colleges/institutions are named below:

-Carrington College and its branches
-Lakeland community college
-Healing Touch Career College
-Vista College
-Moore Norman technology center

Each of these colleges has its courses and special teaching modules. Therefore choose your institution carefully so that you can learn about the subjects which you like. Medical assistance is a broad field, and you need to figure out your niche beforehand. Other institutions also teach for these programs but ensure that they are affiliated or credited by CAAHEP or ABHES.

Medical Assistant Training - Internship and Externship

Pursuing your internship after you have completed your Associate’s degree is very important. The training will help you realize how things work and apply all the knowledge you have gained in real-life scenarios.

Completing your internship will increase your chances of landing a job by manifolds. An internship removes the need for on job training and reduces the costs of the employer. Furthermore, it also increases your skills, improves your skills and understanding. This decreases the chances of you making mistakes on the job.

Medical Assistant Education And Training Combined

There is no best combination when it comes to the field of medical assistants. In the end, it depends on the employer; it’s their decision and understanding, which will ascertain your selection.

Some employers will have a long list of requirements to be met. This is to ensure that you don’t mess things up on the job and start working as soon as possible.

On the other hand, some employers prefer to train their assistants on their own to come in handy under exceptional circumstances.

Another reason for undergoing certification is that some state laws require you to be certified before carrying out medical procedures like administering injections, collecting samples, conducting medical tests, and more.

No matter which course you choose, it will help you become eligible for a broader range of employers under different state laws.

Choosing The Right Medical Assistant Program

Pursuing the course of a medical assistant required a lot of dedication and patience. The longer you invest yourselves in the programs, the higher your chances of landing a job.

Furthermore, courses like the degree programs teach you much important stuff that gets missed out in the shorter courses. Therefore, choose wisely and start you career path on the right foot.

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